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Vapour Rush E-Cig Shop Chesterfield

About Vapor Rush its E Cig Products & Goal

Vapor Rush stock a wide selection of the E Cig (electronic cigarette) and eliquids that deliver nicotine without the tar or other harmful substances found in smoke. These devices are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes and can possibly save you thousands of pounds a year. The very best e cig does not smell or stain as the liquid or juice found within its cartridges produce vapour not smoke.

We stock a large range of quality e-liquid refills in a variety of strengths and flavours. Whether you need an e cigarette starter kit, spare parts or e cig accessories, you can buy what you require by visiting our Vapour Rush E Cig shop in Chesterfield or online.

Our goal is to provide good quality products, excellent service at affordable prices. You may find a lot of similar looking products elsewhere at the cheapest of prices but you have to remmember they may not be the same quality as our products which all undergo a two point check, Once by us and the second approved by Trading standards. We also check and vet our suppliers thoroughly and hold all the relevant documentation which is available upon request to offer peace of mind. Staffed by ecig users who are always available to offer help and advice we hope that you will enjoy our products as we do.